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L4T is now able to accept donations!

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Lawyers 4 Truth will use the donations to help us fund the following:

  1. Engaging Lawyers to assist individuals in respect to various legal issues.
  2. Advertising and Marketing, including but not limited to, billboards, print ads etc..
  3. Administration costs, such as website development/maintenance and staff.


Our Latest Initiative:

Lawyers 4 Truth is a group of volunteer lawyers formed in December 2020 who are concerned with the rapid deterioration of our civil liberties by the imposition of unjustified and unscientific emergency measures under the guise of the 'covid pandemic'.

As we all navigate through the confusion and hysteria during these unprecedented times, our mission is to protect our rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and live in a free and democratic society. There is no justification for these ongoing violations of our inalienable human rights that are enshrined in the Charter.

It is apparent to us that many individuals are suffering the effects of harassment and discrimination as a result of the government-implemented 'covid' measures, as well as employees being fired for exercising their inalienable Charter rights. We are, of course, alarmed by the Federal Government's recent announcement regarding the vaccination mandate for federal employees and travellers.

It is now the responsibility of each person to be courageous and do what they can to challenge our governments as their orders are neither just nor lawful and have long-lasting consequences. We must defend our rights.



To date, we have (and/or continue to):

  • Filed an Originating Application against the Court of Queen's Bench and Provincial Court seeking to invalidate their masking policy;
  • consulted with, provided legal advice and issued personalized mask exemption letters/cards, and exemption letters to schools and employers, for the hundreds of individuals requesting them
  • created a 'Respect' poster for businesses and encouraged business owners to display it at their entryway to create a respectful environment
  • held zoom information sessions and in-person to various groups
  • offered support to those experiencing human rights violations in relation to masking, testing, border crossing and vaccination policies
  • responded to a letter from UFCW Local 401 that was sent to numerous major retailers containing misrepresentations on the issue of 'mandatory' masking and issuing a press release
  • liased with lawyers in Ontario and British Columbia and continue to connect with lawyers in each Province
  • created a form of Notice of Liability that parents can complete for their children and deliver to the Superintendent of School Boards to ensure they are aware of the liability they face should they interfere with the child's bodily autonomy
  • created a form of Notice of Liability that employees can complete and deliver to their employer to ensure they are aware of the liability they face should they coerce or force masking, testing or vaccination
  • prepared a letter to businesses setting out why mandatory masking policies are discriminatory and violate the Alberta Human Rights Act
  • speaking at numerous rallies and media interviews across Canada



Most of our work to date has been provided on a volunteer basis by the members of Lawyers4Truth and through the assistance of other volunteer organizations. However, as our movement grows, and as the demand for action increases, we require funding from donors, such as yourself, to help us fight back against the tyranny we are being subjected to.

Many people have asked how they can volunteer or help us. By providing a donation to Lawyers4Truth, you are assisting us achieve the following goals:

  • to help fund lawyers and experts in our claim against The Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta
  • to possibly bring an action (or help subsidize) against various school boards and trustees in Alberta should they implement mandatory masking, testing or vaccination in schools
  • to select and subsidize certain actions by employees against their employers for reasons that violate public policy (Charter rights)
  • to select and subsidize certain actions by individuals against businesses with discrimination and/or harassment claims (relating to masking)
  • place billboards, signage, and other advertising opportunities or social media campaigns
  • to respond to anticipated 'mandatory' vaccination issues/mandates
  • assist with administrative costs such as website development and supplies

Donations may be made by:

  • e-transfer to
  • credit card online using the 'donation' tab at
  • cheque payable to "2341474 Alberta Ltd." sent to its registered office at:
    Suite 2310, 605 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H5