A few days ago, after meditating and breathing fresh air on a walk for about an hour, I summoned the courage to walk into the local grocery store. I haven’t been inside a business in months and have been getting my groceries delivered; I do not wish to expose myself to the sickness that’s out there right now.

The sickness I am referring to has to do with the virus but it is not the virus (directly) itself. It is what has happened as a result of the constant reminders that there’s a ‘killer bug’ out there. The measures – purportedly imposed for ‘health and safety’ reasons – as well as ubiquitous and misleading propaganda, have affected human behaviour in a disturbing way. 

I have a mask exemption. In fact, under unalienable Law, we all do. No one has the right to tell anyone else they do not have the right to breathe fresh air. In fact, not breathing fresh air causes damage to biological entities as they require it for life. 

I do not comprehend the mandates (orders – not Laws) to wear masks (I invite you to look up synonyms for the word mask) and to ‘social distance’ (synonyms for which are coldness, aloofness, detachment, remoteness (n) and disassociate, detach, separate, avoid, move away (v)’), as neither of these things are scientifically based, nor do they promote health or well-being: The exact opposite in fact. 

Politicians have continued to vacillate on their positions – politicizing health care – and it is not because the science has changed (as it has not), but instead, their story. 

So there I was, heart beating much faster than a heart should beat when seeking out celery and cucumbers, preparing to enter what felt like a trial in defense of my innocence. 

I had previously been assured that this particular place of business honours mask exemptions, so I estimated I had nothing to worry about; in every sense, the way I was feeling was ridiculous, but nevertheless, the body does not lie. My healthy, bio-electromagnetic vessel and associated adept ‘reading’ abilities body were in the yellow. 

Relieved, I walked in without incident. The security guard (which you can see at every business now) said nothing to me. This was a relief, but still, the atmosphere was agitating. It is quite hard to describe.  

The sight of everyone wearing face coverings – everyone – is disturbing. Are all these people surgeons or sick? If the latter, why are they out in public? 

I can safely assume I think, that these people are not all surgeons, nor do they all carry an illness. Instead, they are simply following orders. This is no less disturbing. It seems that people have gotten so used to being monitored and directed in their routine actions that they don’t even seem to notice it. It seems some see ‘virtuous martyrs’ when they see masks, whereas I see virtue signaling and submission to propaganda, emotional manipulation and coercion.

Upon entry into the store, I was having an intense cortisol and adrenaline reaction from the newly formatted ‘one way’ lay out. It is entirely different now. Aside from the floor plan, directional arrows on the floor, plastic barriers and masks everywhere, no one is talking. People are scared. You can feel it. And indeed, they have been directed to be scared of people ‘like me’: The unmasked. According to those telling the story, people like me – those who have justifiable and Lawful reasons for not wearing a mask – ‘do not care about others’ and are ‘not normal’. See below. Source is from UK, I believe and I shall comment further later on in this piece.

Let’s talk logic. If one is not sick, they cannot make someone else sick. ‘Oh, but you might be an ‘asymptomatic carrier’’, meaning your immune function is healthy. 

Using big words doesn’t impress me: Using common sense, applying good hygiene and being considerate of others does. And I see little difference between assuming everyone is ‘carrying some horrible disease that you might get’ and hypochondria.  

To speak further to the ethical implications of arguing ‘it’s for other people’, why are people being told to believe it is up to them to take responsibility for everyone else’s health, to the potential detriment of their own? Why has the practical, good and common sense been replaced by an idea that is damaging, bad and makes no sense? Why has the responsibility to take care of oneself (arguably the most effective way to actually protect and care for others – think the oxygen mask in the airplane analogy), and the very simple and practical ways to achieve the former, been ignored? Where are the massive ad campaigns for proper diet, exercise, sunshine, sleep and transparent communication? Why do those who are arguably making terrible health, dietary and cellular data input choices feel so righteous in telling those who make good ones, how to conduct themselves? Why do we get this ironic misinformation instead?


Deferring responsibility of health is arguably the most irresponsible thing a person can do. Further, advising people to do things which are contrary to good health, while at the same time, telling them that their health is the responsibility of strangers is ludicrous.

I recently saw this: 

I honestly thought this was a meme joke. It had to be. I could not remember the source so I looked up ‘NHS act like you have it’. To my horror, that seems to be one of their slogans. ‘ACT LIKE YOU’VE GOT IT’. Essentially, embrace a psychiatric condition known as Munchausen’s syndrome. This is coercive, fear-based propaganda, not science. 

The former ‘So, who are you?’ sign is nothing but an overt ridiculing and division tactic, which seeks to put people into inaccurate and degrading boxes, and further encourage shameful, shaming behaviour.  

In a time when the people are scared and divided enough, is this really the best way to invest energy, time and monetary currency? On enormous censorship and misinformation campaigns which seek to perpetuate fear and silence those who have credible science and data to present? By playing name games, mocking people who have disabilities (those who wear masks typically have disabilities), and by labelling people as ‘normal’ if and only if they adhere to a rule which speaks to entirely abnormal standards, instead of allowing a discussion of facts?

This is the definition of discrimination, and indeed, while ‘unity’ is the buzzword for the day from those perpetuating this divisive campaign, their definition speaks not to unification but to unilateral conformity; a kind of ‘unity’ whose parameters are not only defined by those who do not want diversity of opinion and thought, or open discourse, but by those who demonstrably think themselves outside the parameters and above the rules they set, and who demonstrably have a vested interest in excluding the people from this most important conversation.  

Do you think it is reasonable or fair to exclude people from decisions which affect them? Do you think it is just or good to discriminate against people for any reason, let alone insisting on truth and discovery? 

The twisted nature of this design suggests that indeed, it doesn’t matter what gender, race, religion or age you are. What matters is whether or not you comply. This is what I see: A new kind of discrimination. One which targets those who do not comply with that which interferes with or negates health, open discourse, truth, Law, mental cogency, logical arguments, common sense and freedom itself.  

Can you imagine what kind of society this would be if a new ‘classification’ of ‘compliant or not’ was the way health and acceptance was measured? What if that was the only distinguishable characteristic of ‘merit’: As if we are extras in a movie called ‘Mean Persons 3: Totalitarian High School’?

If compliant (whether due to having been convinced that it is good to obey no matter what, or simply out of fear of repercussions), you get to ‘sit with us at lunch’. If not (refusing to abide by unlawful, unethical and medically questionable rules and protocols), ‘You can’t sit with us!!!’ 

A sense of belonging is extremely important. We are social beings after all, and to conduct a society or government in the same manner as bullies ‘ruling the hallways’ in high school is so far beyond ludicrous; it’s diminutive, patronizing, reckless, extortive and indeed, considering the level of abuse of power and trust here, tyrannical.

Being socially alienated for any reason hurts, and I cannot believe for a second that those creating this situation do not know that: The long term effects of it. 

What if you were not allowed to work, travel, shop, go to school, ride a bus, or even take your dog for a walk unless you … undefined parameters by people making six figure salaries who don’t have to abide by said parameters. 

To add insult to injury, being ‘worthy of rejection’ is framed as ‘your fault’ for not doing what you’re told; what’s ‘best for the (cool?) group’. It’s like blaming the staff for a boss’s abusive behaviour or a child for their parent’s. Let’s pour some more salt into that wound by mentioning that this aforementioned ‘group’ idea is an arbitrary concept that doesn’t consider the actual individuals that comprise that group, just like the abusive boss or parent doesn’t.

I think we all know how toxic people and negative thinking affects mood and function. So imagine what that does long term; if it’s not just a negative and divisive mindset we are being told to uphold and embrace, but a presumed sickness inside the body. Think about what that does to the body: How unfair that is. To me, how we treat the cells of our body is akin to how we treat our children, and inner child. And what is being done to them? Here are a few examples.  https://www.childart.ca/art-work

I return to my story. 

Someone must have reported me, as within 5 minutes or so, a masked security guard – a male this time – walked towards me. I stopped and looked at him. 

He stopped about two meters away, and gestured with his hand to his own face covering. I continued to look at him. 

Reality check: I am a woman shopping for vegetables; he is an unknown man whose face I cannot see, in security garb.

I have difficulty hearing when my eyes cannot read a person’s mouth and face as they speak. Yes: The face is our communication device. 

He spoke: ‘Where’s your mask?’

I spoke: ‘I am exempt.’

He walked towards me, then past, and as he passed my ear about a foot away, made a distinct scoffing sound, communicating what read as scorn. 

How did grocery shopping suddenly become like a trial to prove myself or my health? As if I am guilty of something I am in no way, shape or form, guilty of? 

I continued looking for tea, pretending not to feel like the whole world had gone crazy. Eventually, I couldn’t stand the surly energy or the pretending nonsense, and walked to the checkout line. The designated spots on the floor, the plastic partitions keeping everyone apart, the person hired to give permission for people to check out, the control of it all. I found my hands now in prayer position, and my eyes staring at the flower that sat on the ground in a pot – a source of beauty and normalcy in this strange and inauspicious realm.

This place used to be so comforting and authentically friendly. The smells of baked goods associated with the ability to wander for as long as I wanted in any direction (because I just love freedom and food that much) is now gone. Am I making too big a deal of this? I don’t think so, because I see where this is going, and how quickly and easily it was to submit so many people for reasons that have nothing to do with their well-being. 

I prayed into that flower and held my position in the grace of truth, health, well-being and freedom. 

The woman calling each person up to go to specific checkout tills was calling them by the letter they had been assigned to. I was ‘A’ and the lady, attempting to bring playfulness to this very non-playful environment (which I appreciated), looked at me and said from underneath her mask: ‘A’ for amazing. I smiled and not one to turn down a chance for happy communication, said, ‘A’ for authentic. 

The lady, looking quite aghast, said ‘Autistic!?’ My eyes got wide. I wasn’t wearing a mask and had spoken clearly. I kind of laughed (I do that when I’m terribly uncomfortable). That she had loudly proclaimed she had heard the word authentic as ‘autistic’ coming from me was upsetting, to say the least. I repeated: ‘Authentic’, ‘Authentic’, ‘Authentic’. She reflected my uncomfortable chuckle and said, ‘I thought you said autistic’. 

‘No’, I said plainly but with the look of a concerned mother. ‘I wouldn’t say that.’ 

I was moved deeper into a slow motion ‘this is way too weird’ state. 

I walked to the till, as if through deepening water. The lady behind me, with distress in her voice said, ‘Why does everything keep changing?!’ To myself, but out loud, I said, ‘Why, indeed’. 

Things had gotten eerily quiet. I placed my items on the plastic shield-guarded conveyor belt for the masked person behind it to scan. I bagged my dear vegetables, pulled out my debit card, paid, thanked the checkout person and moved outside as quickly as my slowness could manage. As I did, my peripheral vision showed me that everyone who worked there at a nearby till was staring. They read as perplexed, or genuinely curious. I am not sure.

Once outside, I put on my fluffy mittens and made sure my bags were secured and began to walk home. Still vibrating with a kind of anxiety I actually cannot recall remember feeling at any other time in my life – not like this, not in this entirely confounding ‘why?’ way – I took deep breaths in and out to activate my Vagus nerve and lower my cortisol levels.  

‘Mean Persons 3’ is morphing into ‘The Shunning’. That is how it feels: This group-think, ‘distance makes us stronger’, ‘Karen out the people who don’t ‘just follow orders’’ campaign. 

Admittedly, respecting space and being considerate of others is something I insisted on even before this covid thing happened, and while in the grocery store, I made little attempt to communicate verbally with others. The way it felt, the looks I got and ‘get away’ body language is not something I wish to engage with. 

Point of order: I would not be out in public if I felt under the weather in any way. I would be at home, taking care of myself. 

I will not pretend to know what goes on it other people’s minds, nor would I ever impose my own routines and regimens onto others (even as they serve extremely good ends – excellent health). What others do is their choice, but by that same token, what I do is mine, and I will not be told what to do by those who DO NOT walk in my shoes, assuming they know me better than I do, or by those who would seek to violate my own very effective and time-tested personal health care routines. 

The worst thing one can do for one’s mental and physically health is to live in this kind of constant fear state. It exacerbates dis-ease. It ages you prematurely. It makes life an exercise of sad existence; every moment spent waiting to die in fear, essentially.

What kind of ‘overseer’ could endorse or encourage this? 

Let’s get back to the facts and science. 

Even if this virus didn’t have a 99.7% recovery rate, how can they ask that the people surrender their (only) moments to this coercive ‘if and only if’ extortive paradigm and call it ‘for our own good’? None of measures and protocols are based in good medicine or science itself; Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia Public Health Officer said so herself. https://twitter.com/myTCNtv/status/1353883235231567874?fbclid=IwAR0VapE9t59aq0d_wS-rLGlKKRrhGxDgvhPxDcktN673VxntSWN8KCAvxOg

In fact, these measures are causing a measurable and disastrous effect on the mental health of every citizen. Suicides and overdoses are skyrocketing. 

Aside from that, it is extremely diminishing and ironic to be treated like the people are ‘too small-minded to govern their own affairs’, as Barack Obama said (I use this quote as it so perfectly demonstrates what I read off of those making these damaging policies), by those who seem to be dedicating their lives to ensuring the people feel that way – brow beaten and inconsequential – instead of doing something about it. 

The kicker is that those who continue to feign care for the people have not lost their incomes, and in many cases, have given themselves pay raises. In other words, those who have no actual comprehension of the suffering they are creating are the ones defining what it feels like and means. 

These ‘professionals’ have the same – arguably more – access to the exact same information as I and many others who comprehend science and health do. So why are they not telling the whole story and instead, focusing singularly on the spirit-breaking ‘doom and gloom’? 

Why are they continuing to make things worse when the evidence is right in front of them? 

I think it is because of selfishness, apathy and cowardice. No one who feels a sense of care for others, a duty to serve the people or true internal confidence could act this way. To create such a divisive and fear-based environment and further, censor and destroy anything that seeks to create community and a healthy environment (by setting a good example and telling the whole story) – in the name of ‘health care’ no less – is beyond unethical. It is cruel, and speaks to the mindset of those perpetuating this political charade. 

Personally, I’m going to keep doing what I am doing: Being healthy, exercising, helping cats to cross the street (that actually happened today), smiling and minding my own business. There are plenty of people out here doing the same, and for that, I am grateful. 

I suppose stores are like ‘hot spots’ for cluster behaviour. So I might simply avoid them altogether, as I have been doing, for my own sake. Or perhaps, I will not. Perhaps my example might encourage others to follow suit, as I am fairly well known in my own as a happy, healthy and balanced martial artist and woman. 

I will end by saying this: Those who never take the time question things are missing the point of life: To explore, discover, question, learn, express, and move – to feel excited and free to do so. Further: Good ideas do not need to be forced. It is wise to be mindful of why you are doing what you are doing. 

I invite everyone to slough off their heavy armour of fear. Embrace instead the mindset of health and vitality and PRACTICE THAT. Your body is listening. 

In a world where harbingers of ‘the daily sickness news’ is actively recruiting, please remember: You are a living steward of this planet, and as such, have a duty to maintain true health, decency, respect and sound allegiance to all these things, for yourself, and for others. 

Thank you for reading. 


  1. Brenda Edmands on May 28, 2021 at 4:15 am

    Never do I Mask and I take everyday as an education, I smile, observe and I’m always thankful, but some days are a bit ruff.
    I can feel the fear, Feels like you’re trapped in an institution, people have lost them selfs to some spell. I don’t understand why all these frequecy towers are being installed and can’t help but wonder ~ and wonder ~
    Now the new Fear is our children, they are coming for them and this is only the start.
    Are there any ‘Lawyers for Truth’ in B.C.?

    • info on June 14, 2021 at 7:39 am

      Hi, at this time we do not have a practicing lawyer in BC

  2. Eileen Nogue on May 31, 2021 at 1:23 am

    Thank you for sharing. So much of this resonates with me during these difficult times.

  3. leslie on June 5, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Your experience is almost identical to mine! You have articulated it in such a way I could have written it myself.
    Thank you for sharing this perspective.

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