Privacy Policy

2341474 Alberta Ltd. o/a Lawyers 4 Truth is committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, donations information, etc.) is stored using secure technologies through our head office in Calgary, Alberta. Lawyers 4 Truth adheres to strict Law

Lawyers 4 Truth receives personal information through our website, emails sent to us, direct mail, and referrals from existing supporters. In most instances, personal information is provided voluntarily, and then used to send or provide updates, information, and appeals on the Centre’s court actions, projects, studies and reports. This information is not used for any other purposes. Information obtained by Centre without the consent of the holder has been acquired through referral

Lawyers 4 Truth does not, under any circumstances sell, exchange, or give away personal information which we have collected from you. We may share aggregate information about our supporter base, stripped of any personally identifiable information, to third parties in order to comply with reporting obligations, and for business or marketing purposes. We also provide information to third parties on a strictly confidential and secured basis, to distribute faxes, e-mails, magazines, surveys, telephone calls and text messages on our behalf.

Lawyers 4 Truth collects information for purposes of providing services and information to our supporters and potential supporters. Lawyers 4 Truth retains this information until you request to be removed from the Centre’s database. Information collected pursuant to donations or event registrations is retained as long as required by the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency for tax and audit purposes.

Access to all personal information is restricted to Lawyers 4 Truth offices, employees and authorized agents only.

Lawyers 4 Truth occasionally organizes petition campaigns, both online and through signature collection on paper. The names and addresses collected on these petitions, whether signed online or in person, are presented to the designated politician or body to whom the petition is addressed. Lawyers 4 Truth may also choose to send or provide information about itself to individuals who have added their name to a petition.

To review your personal information collected by Lawyers 4 Truth or to be removed from our lists, please direct your request in writing to Administration at 300, 605 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E1,

Lawyers 4 Truth complies with the federal Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act, and all relevant provincial legislation.